September 28, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

MP govt to bring Act to control online gaming

Bhopal : The Madhya Pradesh government is soon going to introduce an Act pertaining to online gaming, which will have a set of guidelines for the companies, said state Home minister Narottam Mishra on Thursday.

The minister said that many children have lost their lives while gaming online and it has become a serious concern for the parents. The government is soon going to bring an Act to control online gaming, he said.

“We prepared a draft for online gaming and it will be introduced soon. Once the law comes into force, the activities related to online gaming will be controlled and the companies operating online gaming can be tightened. Apart from all these, action can be taken against those conducting such activities without permission,” Mishra added.

In an incident on Wednesday, a 12-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging due to the Free Fire game. He was fond of playing this game. Referring to the incident, the Home Minister said that this was a serious matter. “Sad incidents are happening because of this type of game. To prevent such incidents, the law will be implemented soon,” he said.

Recently, a teenager in Ujjain created a false story of his own kidnapping after being scolded by his parents for spending Rs 1,500 on a mobile game.

A similar case happened in Dewas district where a Class 11 student died while playing a game on his mobile. While playing the game, he fell from his bed and when the family members took him to the hospital, the doctors declared the student brought dead.

During the winter session of Parliament, Rajya Sabha Chairman and Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu on December 3, 2021 had called online games a “big menace” and had directed the Minister for Electronics, Information and Technology to examine the possibility of regulating them.

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