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ISKCON Spiritual Guru Calls for Ending Hatred from the Social Fabric

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)’s spiritual Guru Radhanath Swami Maharaj called out for ending hatred on the name of science, religion and nationalism that is prevalent, at a conclave on “Reimagining Impact” held at US Consulate in Mumbai in presence of eminent speakers from various sectors.

“In today’s world there is so much hypocrisy, violence, arrogance, division in the name of god and religion, it’s not necessary, not wanted in the world anymore. So much hate and division and so little scientifically supported is not healthy for the country, said Radhanath Swami while speaking on “Reimagining God” at the above event.

Narrating his experience of having hitchhiked through London, Europe, Iran, Pakistan and landing into India, Radhanath Swami said, “Even in US, while being raise dup, I saw so much of hatred against my religion that I lost faith in faith. I was at the cross roads and wanted to find something that was at the heart of every spiritual path that brings about transformation of arrogance into humility, greed into generosity, hatred into love and complacency into compassion. An enlightened person is not someone who thinks and speaks based on sectarian ideas. Reason why there is so much anxiety, exploitation and division in this world is because human beings are disconnected with their inner self.”

Omar Abdullah, Ex-Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir said that the root of the problems in J&K lie in the ‘troubled politics’ and it can only be solved through a political dialogue. He suggested that state’s political parties (including his own) cannot keep themselves away from this.

United States Consul General Edgard Kagan said that India has over 600 million people under the age of 25 who had the ability to change society, country and the world speaking at the event.

Junaid Ahmad, India Country Director, World Bank talking about “Reimagining Cities” said that over 70% of the world GDP today belongs to the cities and face of urban poverty is increasing with over a billion citizens living with informal systems in cities. In this light he stressed the use of the power of proximity and the economics of density to create a better social fabric and humanity.

“We shouldn’t compromise our integrity due to circumstances. Today what many people are doing in the name of science and religion and nationalism is actually exploitation. It is a pollution of the ecology of the human heart, which is leading to the problem of the ecology of the world, the pollution of the land and the water,” added ISKCON
Spiritual Guru.

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