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Internal surveys make BJP sleepless

The slogan ‘Maharaja is a traitor’ (Maharaj gaddar hai) and the resentment of the BJP cadres is becoming troublesome for the saffron party in the run for crucial by-polls yet not scheduled but are excepted to held anytime in November, this year. 

Zafar Alam Khan | Bhopal Arecent internal survey conducted by the Rashtriya Sayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the 27 assembly seats that would go soon for by-election in Madhya Pradesh has made the saffron party leadership and its strategists sleepless. According to the sources in the BJP the findings of the survey suggest that the ruling BJP could register victory on only 6 of the 27 assembly seats that would go for by-poll, as the slogan given by the opposition Congress ‘Maharaja is a traitor’ (Maharaj gaddar hai) is going well among the electorate that is feeling cheated over Jyotiraditya Aditya Scindia and his disciples changing sides. The other factor that has raised alarm bells for the BJP is the angst of its workers due to the preference and favours given to the supporters of Scindia. The sources in the BJP further informed that the survey conducted prior to the by-polls has made one thing very clear that Scindia has lost his shine and his popularity has come down among the electorate in comparison to the impact he sued to enjoy before the November 2018 assembly elections of the state. The miracle that the party high command was expecting in the Gwalior- Chambal division over Scindia joining the BJP has now evaporated. In these circumstances the BJP is looking weaker than 2018 in Gwalior – Chambal division. BJP and Scindia were confident of winning all 16 seats from the area but the findings of survey suggest that winning just one or two seats would considered to be a big deal. However, worried over the survey the BJP high-command has now decided to rope in senior BJP leaders of the region to handle the situation and reverse the tide to make things favourable. While, the opposition Congress excited over the developments has started painting rosey pictures and in order to cash in on the public sentiments making traitors and saleable leaders a big issue and to take political mileage it has come up with a hoarding outside its state headquarters in Bhopalstating, ‘Bikau nahi, tikau chahiye’ (don’t want saleable, want durable).

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