November 29, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal


Team Absolute|Bhopal Aclinical trial for Homeopathic preventive medication for Covid-19 is in its final lap at the Government Homeopathy College in Bhopal. About 200 people are part of the trials, ratified by Clinical Trial Registry of India (CTRI) and ICMR. “Data collection has been completed. The analysis phase of the clinical trial is underway,” said the college’s medical superintendent, Dr Sunita Tomar, who is also principal investigator for the trial registered with CTRI. The trial began with following up on 58,400 Bhopal residents who were administered homeopathic ‘preventive medication’ during the Covid lockdown. Encouraged by the results, the Ayush institute – a designated Covid-19 care centre – began the one-of-a-kind clinical trial to determine the comparative effects of Homoeopathic medicines in asymptomatic Covid-19 patients receiving standard treatment protocol. Two hundred of the 58,400 were selected for the clinical trial. The Homoeopathy medication is ‘targeted’ treatment of specific conditions arising from the Covid infection, say sources. Pre-identified homeopathic medication under the study includes Arsenicum album-30 (four pills twice a day for seven days), Bryonia-30 (four pills twice a day for seven days), Camphora 1M (four pills twice daily for four days), along with standard treatment protocol, say sources. Encouraging outcomes in trials done so far Homeopathy medication Arsenicum album has also been advised for prevention of influenzalike illnesses.”The ‘open label randomized placebo controlled trial’ will be able to estimate the comparative effect of pre-identified homoeopathic medicines in asymptomatic Covid-19 patients receiving standard treatment protocol,” said Dr Tomar. The trial also derives from experiences in homeopathic intervention in other countries. In Hong Kong, Bryonia alba has been tried on Covid-19 patients. In Iran and some other countries, Camphora 1M is said to have given encouraging outcome.

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