February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Health Minister launches e-Sanjivini Telemedicine Service

Team Absolute|Bhopal Minister for Health Dr. Prabhuram Choudhary launched e-Sanjivini Telemedicine Service in Raisen of Madhya Pradesh. Under this arrangement made in the medical sector, patients will be facilitated with service of medical specialists of AIIMS. Choudhary inaugurated the first e- Sanjivini Telemedicine Centers of the state situated at Primary Health Centers of Salamatpur and Devnagar of Raisen district. In the first phase, e-Sanjivini Telemedicine Service is being commenced in 50 Primary Health Centers of 4 districts i.e. Raisen, Sehore, Vidisha and Rajgarh of the state.
Choudhary said that patients will now be able to receive medical consultancy from the medical specialists of AIIMS through these e- Sanjivini Telemedicine Centers. People of rural areas, who are not able to visit AIIMS will also be able to consult doctors by visiting e-Sanjivini Telemedicine Centers. At these primary health centers, trained doctors will conduct the health examination of patients and if required they will consult medical specialists of AIIMS in context to the treatment of patients. Choudhary further mentioned that this service will prove blessings for those patients, who are not able to consult medical specialists of premier medical institutions like AIIMS due to lack of resources, time and money.
Besides, this service will help doctors of primary health centers to obtain second opinion as regard to the patients. This service will be provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. by gynaecology, paediatrics and medicine department respectively.
Choudhary said that prescription of treatment, given by the medical specialists of AIIMS will be made available at primary health centre through e-Sanjivini software and medicines will be given from the primary health centre according to the consultancy of medical specialists.Sixty three types of medicines will be available at e-Sanjivini Telemedicine Centers. Along with this, samples of 22 types of tests including hemoglobin, pathology, blood grouping,malaria will be collected and sent and test report will be received within the fixed time, after that treatment willbe given to patients as required.
Choudhary further mentioned that at present in the first phase, 50 primary health centers of 4 districts including Raisen have been linkedto AIIMS. This service wil  also be commenced in other districts shortly. He said that at present AIIMS has been made hub, in future district hospital will also be made hub. Sub-Health Centers will be connected directly with district hospitals.

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