December 5, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal


SANDEEP PURANIC | Bhopal The prestige of many big leaders of the Gwalior-Chambal region is at stake in the by-elections to the Assembly on November 3 in Madhya Pradesh. This is the reason that the leaders are putting all efforts to save their reputation. Of the 28 assembly constituencies to be held in the state, 16 are from the Gwalior Chambal area. Prominent leaders of the region include BJP’s Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha Member Jyotiraditya Scindia, former Rajya Sabha Member Prabhat Jha, BJP State President Vishnu Dutt Sharma and Minister Narottam Mishra. On the other hand, the entire command of the Congress is handled by former Chief Minister and State President Kamal Nath. Apart from this, Phool Singh Baraiya and Satyaprakash Sankhwar who came to the Congress after leaving the BSP are also in the fray. This election has to be fought in a ‘do or die’ situation for the Congress and this is the reason that Kamal Nath has taken command of the election himself and has also deployed his close ones in this area. This election from the Congress is directly related to the reputation of Kamal Nath. On the other hand, the reputation of half a dozen BJP leaders is associated with these by-elections. This is the reason that the leaders of both parties have intensified their level of coagulation. Also, they are directly monitoring the situation themselves.Congress spokesperson Durgesh Sharma also believes that this by-election is important for the state and leaders. The Congress is contesting completely under the leadership of state president Kamal Nath, while the BJP has no confidence in its own leaders. That is why they have to send Uma Bharti etc. This election will be historic and this election will prove that democracy wins or money democracy. BJP’s chief spokesperson Deepak Vijayvargiya says that this by-election is being fought on the issue of development, the public has seen the BJP’s reign, as well as the fifteen-month misrule of the Congress. As far as party leaders are concerned, the BJP is such a political party where the process of moving from worker to leader is a matter of pride for us that many big names are with us in that region.At the same time, political analysts believe that this election will determine the future politics of many prominent BJP leaders. While Scindia has just joined BJP and this area is considered to be his influence, Union Minister Tomar will also have to prove his influence. Overall, Kamal Nath is the only one from the Congress, while many faces are at stake in this area from the BJP.

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