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Team Absolute|Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that only empowered women will make strong Madhya Pradesh. Setting up of large industries alone does not make any state big. House to house selfreliance develops selfrespect and trust. In the Corona period, women’s self-help groups have set a new example in the country. This series will continue and will expand. So far, 33 lakh women have linked self-help groups. We have to move forward on the path of self-reliance in the next three years by further connecting 33 lakh women to groups. Chouhan was addressing the state level programme of Bank Loan disbursement to selfhelp groups, organized at Minto Hall on Sunday.Chouhan launched a self-help portal, developed for the activities and marketing of self-help groups. A revolving fund of Rs. 70 crore and community investment fund was given with a single click by Chouhan to the self-help groups. As a symbol of the disbursement of loan of Rs. 164 crore in the state, Chouhan also provided cheques of sanctioned loans to some women self-help groups. Chouhan also held talks with the beneficiaries of various districts. Members of self-help groups attended the programme taking all precautions for protection from Corona like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Chouhan said that the state government is working on every aspect to provide equal status to girls and women in the society. Whether it is launching of Ladli Laxmi Yojana or the facilities provided for the school education, the goal is to provide equal status to them. Women have been linked with self-help groups to make them financially strong and self-reliant; this initiative is based on the principle of strength in unity. Chouhan also narrated a motivational incident on the strength of unity before the women of the groups. Chouhan said that respect to sisters and daughters is paramount in our tradition. Even in religious beliefs, women were considered as all-powerful. The women of the state proved during the Corona period that they are competent in protecting from every disaster. Masks and PPE kits, made by women self-help groups greatly helped the common people and the government. The items prepared by the groups were purchased by the health department, medical stores and hospitals. Chouhan said that products of self-help groups will be given priority in government purchase. Self-help groups will also produce and distribute ready-to-eat nutritious food meant for distribution in Anganwadi centres. The uniform stitching work at school level will also be done by the self-help groups. In this self-help groups will be given full autonomy. Chouhan said that the family and society move forward by education and empowerment of women. Citing examples of women, active in self-help groups he said that other self-help groups also need to take initiative, taking inspiration from them. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continuously working on making the local vocal. Women’s groups besides pickles, chutney and papad, should also undertake economic activities and production of items from the material available locally as per the people’s requirement.

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