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Delhi government announces lockdown, exempts essential services

New Delhi, In an attempt to curb the spread of Covid in the national capital, the Delhi Government has announced a weeklong lockdown starting from 10 pm on Monday night to 5 am next Monday.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that in the duration of lockdown all essential services with regard to food, medicine, etc would continue.

As per the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) notice, employees working in essential service departments of the Delhi government like medical establishments, Police, Prisons, Home Guards, Civil Defence, Fire and emergency Services are exempt from the lockdown.

Officers of Union Government, its autonomous, subordinate offices and PSUs are also exempt after showing their official identity card.

Private health professionals comprising doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical equipment suppliers, paramedics, Pharma lab employees and and other hospital services are also exempted by the DDMA during the lockdown.

“All the Judicial officers and staff members in all Delhi courts, individual going for Covid test or or vaccination, pregnant women and patients going to avail medical services along with an attendant with a valid ID card as well as doctor’s prescription are also exempted,” the DDMA notice said.

People with valid ticket travelling from or to railway stations, Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) and airports are also exempted.

The DDMA notice also exempt students going to appear in exams and staffs on exam duty

The movement of employees of commercial and private establishments providing essential services also exempted by the DDMA.

The DDMA banned all political, social, religious, and academic gatherings during the lockdown.

All shops, malls, weekly markets, gyms, salons, public parks, shops, restaurants/bars, sports complex, shopping centres, coaching and educational institutes, beauty parlours, private establishments, and water parks shall remain shut during the curfew in the national capital.

The DDMA allowed movement of public transport with restrictions. Buses and Delhi Metro will be allowed to run at 50 per cent of there capacity. Auto rickshaws and cabs are permitted to operate with maximum two passengers. RTVs allowed to operate with a maximum of 11 passengers at one time.

No visitors are allowed at religious places or places of worship.

For weddings, a maximum of 50 guests will be allowed. The guests, however, will have to show wedding cards to attend and the hosts will have to get separate passes.

“This is also the wedding season. It is with great difficulty that people find a good match and we do not want to hamper this. Hence, only a total of 50 people would be allowed to attend the wedding for which separate passes would be issued,” Kejriwal said.

National and international sporting events are allowed without an audience.

The DDMA said that except those exempted or allowed movements and activities, all other private offices, establishments, shops. shopping centres, malls. weekly markets, manufacturing units, educational institutes, cinema and theatres, restaurant, bars , auditoriums/ assembly halls. entertainment/ amusement / water parks. public parks & gardens, sports complexes, gyms, spas. barber shops. saloons, beauty parlours, swimming pools (except being used for training of sports persons for participation in national and international events), construction activities (except where labourer are residing on-site) will remain closed during the curfew.

“There has been large-scale work in the field of health in the last five years, but if strict measures are not taken now, our system can collapse,” Kejriwal said while announcing the lockdown.

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