September 23, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Delhi CM again appeals LG to allow teachers to visit Finland for training

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday made a fresh appeal to Lt Governor V.K. Saxena to allow Delhi government schools’ teachers to go to Finland for the training.

After Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann flagged off the first batch of 36 state government school principals for a visit to Singapore for training, Kejriwal in a tweet requested Saxena to allow Delhi’s teachers to go Finland for training.

Sharing the tweet of Punjab CM, Kejriwal said, “The first batch of 36 principals from Punjab has left for Singapore today for training. This is for the better future of the children of Punjab. I request LG Sahib, let the teachers of Delhi also go to Finland for training. Why do you hate the teachers and children of Delhi so much?”

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had also on Thursday said that LG Saxena should not stop Delhi government school teachers from going to Finland on a training programme by unconstitutionally misusing the law.

“Because of the unconstitutional power given to the LG by the central government of BJP, the Delhi government is not able to send its teachers for training abroad. If the teachers have to be sent abroad for training, then the consent of the LG is not required, but due to the unconstitutional amendments made in GNCTD Act by the Central Government, the LG is stalling everything,” Sisodia had told in a Press briefing.

Delhi CM made a series of tweets on several issues on Saturday. In another tweet, he accused the BJP government at the Centre of ‘fighting with everyone’ including states, judges, farmers as well as traders.

Citing a news report on the collegium system of appointment of judges, Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi, “Why does the central government fight with everyone? With judges, Supreme Court, state governments, farmers and traders? The country will not progress by fighting with everyone. Do your job and let others do theirs. Don’t interfere in other’s work.”

The Centre on Friday had informed the Supreme Court that the collegium’s recommendations for five new judges would soon be appointed.

In another tweet, Kejriwal lashed out at the Centre for the poor allocation of funds to the Delhi Government. Sharing news that Taliban welcomes Indian Budget 2023-24, Delhi Chief Minister said, “Is it right to give funds to Taliban by cutting the funds of education, health and Delhi in our country? People are strongly opposing it.

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