December 3, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Delhi class X student raises Rs 6.5L to buy O2 concentrators

New Delhi: It’s amazing how I could raise around Rs 6,65,000 in less than two weeks for the right cause. More than 150 kind supporters including my friends, family, friends’ families, parents’ friends, and numerous anonymous donors came together to help the people in need and raise more than Rs 6 lakh to help me purchase oxygen concentrators for the people of Kuchaman City, Rajasthan suffering from covid-19.

I first wanted to target raising Rs 2,00,000 thinking that even that wouldn’t be easy, but my father motivated me to set a target of Rs 5,00,000 so that it’s meaningful and more people can benefit.

In the beginning of April, my family was infected with the coronavirus. It started with my mother followed by my brother before I and my father too tested positive. Fortunately, my family and I weren’t affected severely. This episode, however, made me realise just how hard it can be especially when people do not have access to adequate support.

After we all tested negative, I saw my Dad multiple times speaking on the phone to arrange for oxygen cylinders, plasma, beds, and other vital essentials for people. A few days later, I read in the news that 25 people, who were infected with covid had died in one day. The deaths though weren’t due to the coronavirus but because of the lack of oxygen. I was shocked.

This prompted me to do something for the community and I decided to start a fundraiser for people in need to purchase oxygen concentrators and oximeters. Though Delhi and other metros were getting numerous supplies already and have best in the class medical facilities, I realised the situation was much worse in smaller towns.

My father informed me about the situation in our hometown where my grandparents stay saying that the cases were on the rise there every day and support was minimal. Unlike in Delhi, there were no oxygen cylinder refilling facilities and the area had just one government hospital. The only option for any patient for oxygen was to get admitted to the hospital since there were very few oxygen concentrators available in the town. I then started raising fund for my hometown – Kuchaman City, Rajasthan.

After getting the fundraiser up and running, I shared the link of the cause with my family, friends, teachers etc. I shared it on various social media platforms and requested everyone else also to share it with their families and friends. At first, the fundraiser wasn’t getting enough donations and was a little worried if I could achieve the target. My parents supported me and asked me to follow through and share it with even more people. Multiple accounts retweeted my tweet of the fundraiser.

After the second day, the donations started coming in faster. I called my family members and friends and requested them to donate and share. My parents, relatives and friends also shared within their network. In less than a week I had raised over my target – Rs 5,00,000 with the help of 153 generous supporters.

We have shipped five oxygen concentrators with other multiple necessities such as oximeters and face masks which have already been received by Kuchaman City and are available for use by people. Four more concentrators have been ordered and will be received next week.

I feel extremely happy that with the support of over 150 generous donors, we would be able to save few lives. Thanks to all the donors, many of them were anonymous for helping me in this. Thanks to all the motivating messages, I have received from everyone. I am proud to support my hometown during the pandemic. I am thankful to my parents who have supported me at every step of this journey. I wish this pandemic gets over soon and life becomes normal for all of us.

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