December 8, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Congress loose-guns put party in tight spot

Team Absolute|Bhopal The Congress leaders loose talks without giving head over there results and slip of tongue is not only embarrassing the party but is also putting the grand old party in a tight spot. For the former Chief minister and leader of opposition Kamal Nath, giving befitting replies to his political rivals is not as tough as checking his partymen from giving unwarranted remarks. With the election campaign gaining momentum, the comments of Congress leaders are proving problematic for PCC chief Nath. The party functionaries sitting at PCC office have so far shown better skills than their ruling opponents in media management, however, their all efforts are being failed by party leaders touring across the state making irrational remarks.Latest in the list is Kisan Congress president Dinesh Gurjar, whose comment has given much desired opportunity to ruling BJP. The Congress leader from Morena while calling PCC Kamal Nath as the second top industrialist of the country, went ahead calling Shivraj Singh Chauhan a man from “poverty-stricken family. Attacking the affluent and industrialists, CM has always been projecting himself as a man who belongs to humble origin and understands the pain of the poor. The comment of Gujjar has not only certified Chouhan’s claim, it has put Congress on a tight spot.The Congress is in a dilemma. If the party pulls up Dinesh Gurjar for his unwarranted comment, the Gurjar community of Morena will get annoyed.Gurjar’s comment is not much different from that of Manishankar Iyer who had called PM Narendra Modi “Neech” in General elections of 2014 and it had turned the game in elections. Even many of the remarks and comments of Congress media committee chairman Jitu Patwari has been uncalled for and which might not go in party’s favour in the upcoming bypolls.Without giving a second thought to his question, Patwari went on to ask an elderly woman to enumerate the demerits of Kamal Nath government.

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