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CM Gehlot: Amit Shah should form panel to probe Ram Navami violence

Jaipur, CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot dared Union Home Minister Amit Shah to constitute a committee to probe the violence reported in Karauli and other states during Ram Navami.

The committee, he said, should be headed by a Supreme Court and a High Court judge, which would probe the “root cause” behind the violence.

He also accused the BJP-RSS of cashing in on young generations’ innocence and promoting violence as “they are unaware of the history of our independence struggle”.

“We have seen Russia getting dismantled. However, our country has stood strong during the last 70 years despite it having multiple languages and religions. Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life but did not allow formation of Khalistan. Rajiv Gandhi too sacrificed his life for the country.”

Those were the people who took the country to new heights in 70 years. However, the current generation is unaware of situation during independence struggle which is being cashed in on by BJP-RSS. They are setting agenda and triggering violence, he said, adding that “first, it was in Karauli, then Rajgarh (where temple was bulldozed), and now Jodhpur. Our timely action prevented riots in the state.”

On the Ram Navami violence, the chief minister said once the reasons are figured out, such incidents can be checked in future.

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