February 21, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

China daring India as Modi weakened nation: Rahul

Samana (Punjab), Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday alleged that the Chinese had dared to enter India and kill our soldiers because the Narendra Modi government had weakened the nation with its “anti-national policies and actions”, of which the farm laws were the latest example.

“China had realised that Modi had weakened India, and had taken advantage of this to take control of 1,200 kms of our land,” said Rahul, asserting that the Prime Minister had broken the backbone of the countrywhose economic growth he claimed had plummeted from nine per cent under the Congress-led UPA to minus 24 per cent at present.

Accusing Modi of “ruining the country to help his capitalist and industrialist friends”, Rahul said India was going backwards, which the Chinese had seen.

“Why else would China dare enter our territory? How could they kill 20 of our soldiers who were on our side of the LAC, if the Chinese did not enter India, as Modi claims?” asked Rahul, warning the people that they could shut their eyes to these facts at their own peril.

Quoting Sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak Dev, who said one cannot hide from the truth, Rahul said, “If we do not face the truth today, we will suffer”.

Pointing that Guru Nanak Dev showed the path of truth, he exhorted the people, particularly the farmers, to follow his path.

“You cannot escape,” he said, adding that the farmers of Punjab were no ordinary people, but were the backbone of the nation.

“Why are you quiet? Why is Haryana quiet? Why are the lions of Punjab not roaring?”

Rahul called out to the people, urging them to rise against the Centre’s “tyranny” and asserted that he was with them every step of the way.

“If Modi does not realise the power of the farmers and the poor, we will together show him this power,” said Rahul, declaring that he was not afraid of the BJP government at the Centre.

He also castigated the Modi government for controlling the media through the corporate houses and thus stifling all voices of dissent.

Rahul, along with Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, was addressing a rally here on the last leg of day two of their ‘Kheti Bachao Yatra’ in Punjab.

Warning the farmers against the dangerous designs of the Modi government, as part of a “deliberate and malicious agenda” to destroy their lives to promote the interests of a handful of industrialists, Rahul said the Prime Minister was only interested in helping out three or four of his industrialist friends.

He does not care for the people, said Rahul, recalling the plight of the migrants during the lockdown period, and the crisis triggered by demonetisation and GST.

Rahul reminded the people that Modi had claimed the war against the pandemic would be won in 22 days.

“Has it happened? If so, then why are people wearing masks?” he asked.

Warning the farmers that the new farm laws of the Centre would lead to dismantling of the MSP and FCI system and the ‘mandis’, the Congress leader said this might not happen in the next two to three years but was the final gameplan of Modi, who only wanted to promote the interests of his industrialist friends.

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