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BRS, BJP hit out at Congress government over paddy bonus issue

Hyderabad : Opposition BRS and BJP have slammed the Congress government in Telangana for its decision to pay bonuses only for fine varieties of rice and not the commonly grown coarse grain.

Day after the state Cabinet decided to pay a bonus of Rs 500 per quintal only for fine varieties of rice and that too from the next season, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accused the ruling party of cheating farmers.

The leaders of both the opposition parties said that Congress has reneged on yet another promise made during Assembly elections.

BRS working president K. T. Rama Rao alleged that cheating and betrayal are the mark of “hypocritical” Congress. He also remarked that the Congress government’s countdown has started in the hands of farmers.

He posted on ‘X’ the guarantee card of the Congress party to remind it of its promise for a bonus of Rs 500 on paddy. After coming to power, it is now saying that the bonus will be given only to fine varieties.

“This is not the people’s government. This is an anti-farmer government,” said KTR, as the BRS leader is popularly known.

He said that ever since Congress came to power, farmers have been suffering due to a lack of water for irrigation, power cuts and delays in procurement.

KTR said the Congress has not fulfilled its promises of farm loan waiver, Rs.15,000 annual financial assistance to farmers and Rs 12,000 to every agriculture labourer.

“Now even in the matter of bonus, the government’s bogus policy stands exposed,” he said, adding that going back on promises is the habit of Congress.

Another BRS leader T. Harish Rao called “Congress bonus” a “big bogus”.

He said paddy farmers were waiting for Congress to fulfil its promise of Rs 500 bonus per quintal but it has decided to give a bonus only on fine varieties of paddy and not coarse grain and that too from the next season.

The former minister mentioned that 90 percent of paddy cultivated in the state is of coarse variety. He said while farmers growing fine varieties get much higher than MSP, those who cultivate coarse grain need the support.

“It is clear that the Congress government has no sincerity towards the welfare of the farmers and the development of agriculture. It has become clear that the promises made in the elections were made only to come to power and not for the welfare of the farmers,” he said.

BJP spokesman N. V. Subhash also slammed the Congress government for going back on its promise for bonus on paddy.

He recalled that before the Assembly elections, Congress had stated that paddy farmers will be paid Rs 500 per quintal bonus irrespective of the quantity they cultivate. He said after coming to power, the Congress has deceived farmers who cultivate coarse grain.

The BJP leader alleged that the Congress government due to its inefficiency failed to procure paddy, resulting in huge losses to farmers.

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