December 5, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Bill introduced to include Rajasthani language in Constitution’s 8th schedule

New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Rajasthan’s Rajsamand constituency Diya Kumari on Friday introduced the Constitution (Amendment) Bill-2022 in the Lok Sabha. She urged for the inclusion of the Rajasthani language by amending the eighth schedule of the Constitution,

Referring to the historical importance of the Rajasthani language, she said that despite being very rich in tradition, the language has been neglected at the national level which is threatening its existence.

She said the Rajasthani language has been recognised as a separate language by Sahitya Akademi and University Grants Commission.

“This language is also being taught in the Rajasthan State Board of Secondary Education. Despite this, the Rajasthani language has not yet been given national recognition,” she said.

Diya Kumari further said it has been a long-standing demand of the people of Rajasthan to include this language in the eighth schedule of the Constitution.

“The proficient students of this language are unable to use it efficiently. New employment opportunities will also arise if the Rajasthani language is included in the eighth schedule and given proper national recognition. Under the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2022, entries 17 to 22 of the Eighth Schedule may be renumbered as entries 18 to 23, respectively. Rajasthani should be included in the 17th place before the renumbered entry 18,” she said.

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