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Bihar developments fill SP in UP with ‘optimism’

Kannauj (UP) : The change of government in Bihar has filled the Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh with ‘optimism’.

SP President Akhilesh Yadav sees the BJP-JD(U) break-up as a “good start” for Indian politics.

This is the beginning of the end. It signals ‘BJP satta chhodo’ on the lines of ‘Angrezo Bharat chhodo’ slogan that was coined during the Independence movement, he stated.

Talking to reporters in Kannauj, Akhilesh said: “People in our communities are no longer getting postings in institutions and all BJP supporters are being appointed to key posts at universities and educational institutions.”

He further warned: “If they get more powerful, then your right to vote might also be taken away. People should not take such possibilities lightly as this was exactly what was happening in many countries in India’s neighbourhood.”

Akhilesh also targetted the ruling BJP for selling away public enterprises to corporates. He said the way in which the safron party was selling over government establishments like railways, airports and airlines, a time will come when people will be treated like slaves.

“If they (BJP) remain in control, all of us will turn into slaves,” Akhilesh said.

He added: “In days to come the government will not buy your wheat, private people will buy your wheat.”

The SP president further said that the BJP government is not the government of the poor and farmers.

“This is a government of industrialists. Since the BJP came to power, inflation has increased. From diesel-petrol to gas cylinders, milk, curd–everything has become expensive. Farmers are suffering losses in agriculture. Farmers are not even getting the cost price of their crops. Not only this, the BJP government has cheated the youth by introducing the Agniveer scheme in the Army,” he said.

He said: “In the coming time, this government will also bring a similar scheme in the recruitment of police and PAC. This government has also done government jobs on contract. The youth are not getting jobs. A large number of youths are unemployed. The BJP government is only working for the welfare of the Industrialists.

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