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Bhargav exposes health services in Sagour

Team Absolute|SAGAR In Madhya Pradesh, there are constant questions on the health services, complaints of not getting better treatment to Corona patients are also coming up. Shivraj government minister Gopal Bhargava visited the Community Health Center at Gadhakota in Sagar district late on Thursday, when he found the doctor and para medical staff absent from duty, he asked to the watchman. The minister himself has disclosed this matter. Congress leader K.K. Mishra praised Bhargava’s courage. Mantri Bhargava gave a detailed account of the status of the Community Health Center on his Facebook wall on Friday. He has written, for the last few days, I was receiving complaints that patients have to wait for hours at the Gadhakota Community Health Center, but no doctors or staff meet them, after returning from Bhopal late last night,complaint was received that doctors or staff do not get available for the patients in the hospital and there is no provision of medicines, X-ray films etc. provided by the government in the hospital, after which I had a surprise inspection of the Gadhakota Community Health Center at 2.30 pm tonight. some local people of Garhkota city was also present there. Bhargava further wrote, I searched the entire hospital, made a loud noise but no doctors, compounders, nurses or paramedical staff even the watchman were present in the hospital. After circling the entire hospital, I came home from my scooty. Wondering how irresponsible people such are, that in the state government’s health center, minister’s hometown the minister is awake at 0230 hours and the employees are not meeting even during the day. The same situation is with Rahli Primary Health Center and Shahpur Health Center in my constituency. Bhargava further wrote, “This kind of negligence in emergency services like healthcare during the transition period of the epidemic is not at all tolerable.” While the MNREGA laborers are breaking their bones for a wage of two hundred rupees per day, the doctors and officials who take a hefty salary of three to four thousand rupees per day are sleeping in their air-conditioned houses . Along with surprise inspection of health centers of my area, now I will also inspect the arrangements of District Hospital and Medical College two days a week. Senior Congress leader K.K. Mishra applauded the courage of Minister Bhargava and said, “Minister of Power Gopal Bhargava, you did humanity a favor by revealing health services during the Corona period.” If leadership is stagnant, then the bureaucracy will dominate, ‘Yamraj’ has got franchises in hospitals in ‘Shivraj rule’! Changing babies, corpse skeletons, munching on mice has become common!

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