August 16, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

All arms of govt working together to deal with the Covid situation: PM

New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers to discuss the alarming Covid situation in the country.

The meeting noted that the present pandemic predicament is a “once in a century crisis”, which has thrown a big challenge to the world.

In the meeting, the government of India’s ‘Team India’ approach to fight the pandemic based on the collective efforts of the Centre, state governments and the people was highlighted.

“All arms of the government are working unitedly and rapidly to deal with the situation,” the Prime Minister said

He also urged the ministers to stay in touch with the people of their respective areas, and keep taking their feedbacks.

The Prime Minister stressed upon the need to ensure that issues at the local level are promptly identified and addressed.

The Council of Ministers also reviewed all the efforts made in the last 14 months by the Central and state governments and the people of India.

The efforts by the Centre in coordination with the states towards building infrastructure in the form of ramping up hospital beds, PSA oxygen facilities etc., resolving issues in production, storage and transportation of oxygen, tackling matters relating to availability of essential medicines were briefed. The measures being taken to further ramp up their supply and availability were also pointed out.

The support measures for the vulnerable population in the form of provision of foodgrains and financial aid to the Jan Dhan account holders were also highlighted.

It was also noted that India has successfully produced two vaccines and there are many candidates at various stages of approval and induction.

The Council of Ministers also stressed the importance of Covid appropriate behaviour, including wearing mask, maintaining physical distance of 6 feet and washing hands frequently.

The Council reiterated that the participation of the society is a key aspect to accomplish the gigantic task ahead and expressed its confidence that the country will rise to the occasion and defeat the virus.

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