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Complaint Against Congress MLA Jitu Patwari For Posting Morphed Image Of PM Modi

Team Absolute|Indore Acomplaint has been lodged by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with the Indore police in the matter. The police said a case will be registered after conducting an inquiry. Patwari on Saturday, 8 August shared a photograph of Prime Minister Modi on his Twitter handle. This picture was of the Bhumi Pujan of the Ram temple in Ayodhya but it was reportedly distorted. The morphed pic- ture showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. with a earthen bowl in his hand. Posting the interiors of a luxurious cabin of However the morphed image was taken an aircraft, Jitu Patwari said, ‘even though the from the following image from the bhoomi PM comes from a tea seller background, he pujan ceremony. will make India a world leader only if we give BJP leaders from Indore late on Saturday him better facilities’. However, later the image night filed a complaint with the DIG was actually taken from the website of Deer Harinarayan Chari Mishra and demanded Jet, a chartered flight operator who had post- registration of a case. DIG Mishra said the BJP ed a configured image of Boeing 787 leaders have submitted an application Dreamliner jet. Patwari had earlier faced flak demanding registration of a case under on social media over his sexist and misogynist Information Technology (IT Act). Necessary tweet. In a now deleted tweet, Patwari tried to action will be taken after conducting an compare the birth of a girl child with the fail- inquiry on the application. The application ures of Modi government schemes. claims the photo was presented in a distorted He tweeted in Hindi, “Putra ke chakkar form and indecent comments were passed. mein 5 putri paida ho gayi. notebandi, GST, Patwari had removed the tweet on Saturday mehengai, berozgaari, mandi. Parantu abhi night.Several users also pointed the incorrect tak ‘Vikas’ paida nahi hua.” It translates to: “In Hindi words that Patwari had used in the the hope of having a male child, 5 daughters tweet.It should be noted that just last week were born. demonetisation, GST, inflation, Patwari had shared an image of a modified unemployment, slowdown. However, Vikas is aircraft and spread the fake news that it not born yet.

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