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Rihanna & Hassan Jameel Have Split Again

On and off-again couple Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are definitely OFF right now

There’s a reason why Rihanna, 30, hasn’t been seen with Hassan Jameel since July. A source close reveals that “Rihanna is totally single again.” Although the former flames have been on and off for a while, as our source points out, we’ve learned what led to this most recent split!

“Things kinda fizzled between her and Hassan a while ago,” our insider explains.

“Their lives were really busy and it was hard for her because she often didn’t feel like a priority to him.” Hassan presides as the deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, a family-owned operation that runs its diversified businesses (transportation, engineering, etc.) in 30 countries.

It was once even deemed the “world’s largest independent distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles” in 2017 by Forbes Middle East! Like Rihanna, the dude is busy. Still, she’s “looking for something new,” our source spills.
But “new” has a loose definition, in this case. “While she would never go back to Chris [Brown] or Drake at this point in her life, she is not ruling out working things out with Hassan,” our source continues.

After Rihanna split from Chris for good in 2013, she went on to briefly date Drake in 2016. Jameel then came into the picture when he was photographed kissing the “Diamonds” singer in June of 2017…and not to mention the number of times RiRi was spotted with a mystery “dark-haired man” earlier that year! We’re now hearing that the songstress is reminiscing on this relationship just as much as we are.

“She has been using the excuse that she and Hassan have bad timing so maybe one day, when they are less busy, things could work out between them,” our source goes on. And here’s why she’s clinging on to that “excuse.”

“They had amazing chemistry together, she was really attracted to him and she does miss him,” our source tells us.

But don’t get it twisted — this is still Bad Gal RiRi we’re talking about. “In the meantime, Rihanna loves being single but it is weird for her cause she also loves having a boyfriend,” our source adds.

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