February 29, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Researchers Find That CBD Can Fight Cytokine Storm to Reduce COVID-19 Health Damages

Health : All of us know that coronavirus can harm the human body but most people do not know how it harms the body or the mechanism that causes damage. the virus majorly attacks the lungs causing lung inflammation and bringing cytokine storm that badly affects the lung functions. It is an immune reaction where the body releases excess cytokines(proteins) quickly into the blood bringing a storm. This causes autoimmune responses where the body starts attacking its own cells instead of attacking the virus. This is why it gets out of control and cause severe damage. controlling cytokine storm is not easy after it has reached its full-fledged form but researchers have found a possible cure in the form of CBD or cannabidiol.

How CBD Combats Cytokine Storm?

As per a study published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid, CBD can control cytokine storm to reduce lung damage. It increases the levels of a natural peptide named ‘apelin’ which has anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents severe lung inflammation that is the primary cause of COVID-19 deaths.

Apelin is found to reduce the cytokine storm that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes. Giving cannabidiol to the patient may normalize apelin levels to reduce cytokine storm and prevent lung damages and improve lung functions. The apelin peptide is made by the cells in the lung, blood, brain, heart, fat tissue, etc. and it is shown to regulate blood pressure and inflammation.CBD and Lung Health

CBD and Lung Health

During the research, it was found that CBD not only combats cytokine storm but also improves oxygen levels and, lung functions. It can also treat the damage done to the lungs due to ARDS. According to the researchers, apelin regulation is an important aspect in CBD oil and lung health connection. Thus, cannabidiol can aid in improving lung functions in coronavirus.

Besides, CBD also possesses other health benefits but the consumption should be done under supervision.

  • Chronic pain relief
  • Better oral health
  • Enhanced cognition
  • Seizure treatment
  • Insomnia and anxiety relief

These are some of the said benefits of CBD owing to its anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties. But CBD oil is not meant to be consumed without proper doctoral guidance. It has certain side-effects too that can impact the health of a person. This is just one study but we need many more such research to validate the benefits of CBD for human health.

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