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Preeti Shenoy: Lockdown a time for introspection, self-reflection

New Delhi: Bengaluru-based bestselling author Preeti Shenoy, who has to her credit books like ‘Life Is What You Make It’ and ‘The Secret Wish List’, says that the ongoing pandemic is a time for many for introspection and self-reflection and “simply coming to terms with the shock of what has happened”.

Sharing about her life in lockdown, the writer told to our correspondent, “In the initial two-three months, I didn’t work on anything for publication. I did write every day, but it was for my own self. For the readers, I started 21 days of positivity’ on my blog, which was free of cost. Over a thousand people subscribed and they would get a post in their inbox every day. So many told me they eagerly awaited those and it helped them. I am glad my writings helped, as there was just too much sadness and grief that I had to process. I am also an artist, and I made a portrait every day. These are such unprecedented and difficult times and I think we all have to come to terms with it in our own ways.”

“A lot of bookstores have shut down. So many people have lost their jobs. The launch of my own new book ‘When Love Came Calling’ had to be postponed by four months,” she said. The book was slated for an April launch. “Along with thousands of readers, I eagerly and patiently waited to hold the book in my hands. The book was supposed to be out in April. They were ready to be shipped out when the lockdown was announced. It was frustrating, but there were bigger problems that the world was facing. When I finally held the book in my hands in August, it was a very emotional moment.”

Shenoy added that book-reading has always kindled joy in her. “Throughout my lifetime, books were my only friends. I think a lot of people are discovering the joy of reading because there’s only so much Netflix you can watch! Beyond a point, your brain needs a different diet and that’s where books come in,” the author, who has been listed in the Forbes List of the 100 most influential celebrities in India, shared over email.

Since her books are brimming with messages of resilience and hope, she shared how hard it could be to stay positive during hard times.

“Everyone says be positive’. But positivity is not a tap that can be turned on, at a whim. How does someone be positive when they have lost a loved one or lost a job? It seems impossible. I asked my readers what they found the hardest about being positive. I compiled all their replies and I am now working on a book on positivity, which I hope to complete soon.”

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