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Lose weight with ice therapy

Health : We are sure all of you must have heard, tried and tested all sorts of diets and workouts when it comes to losing weight. But have you ever heard of ice therapy? Yes, ice therapy! When one wants to lose weight, all that we know and what is recommended is hot water, hot yoga and what not. Using ice as a treatment is a taboo but believe us it can be really beneficial. You will be shocked to know ice is used to soothe a sore throat in many countries. It is said that cold soothes the irritation and also refreshes your throat at the same time.
Let’s forget about a sore throat and talk about our favourite subject that is weight loss. People who would have tried heat techniques must surely be interested to know about ice therapy as well. And when summers are here what can be better than pouring ice on your body.

How does it work?
Ice therapy works on the areas of the body that are sagging in order to make them slim and firm. Ice therapy lifts the sagging skin, tightens the tissues, detoxifies the body, improves cellulite and most importantly helps you lose weight in just a few sessions. When combined with right diet and exercise, ice therapy can do wonders by helping you lose the unwanted kilos. The technique started in Mexico around 2000s and is still used as a massage technique.

How to use it
Different ways like ice bags, gels packs and many such other ways are used to apply ice on the particular areas from where you want to burn fat. Just put few ice cubes in a zip lock and try the new ice therapy at home. Or you can simply wrap the ice cubes in a cloth and apply it to the required area.

Other methods
In countries like US and Europe, there are centres for ice therapy where they first clean your skin with mud so that the blood flow in that area increases which makes the process more effective. No side effects of this therapy have yet been reported. Ice therapy can also be tried by woman over the age of 40 who have lost firmness in their buttocks, chest and abdomen.

Different types of ice
There are many types of ice available in the market including ice containing oil and natural herbs that are effective in weight loss. Different types of ice have a different level of effectiveness on weight loss.

How to perform ice therapy at home
Plain ice can also be used to while performing the ice therapy. But you can add a few things listed below to make the therapy more effective.


2-3 tbsp horsetail

A handful of rosemary leaves

3 tbsp of coffee

A handful of Ivy

Green tea

½ litre of water

How to make it: Boil all the ingredients in water for 15 minutes. Let it cool to room temperature. Pour this into an ice tray and freeze it. Do not put the ice directly on your skin. Wrap it in a cloth or ziplock.

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