September 26, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Gurmeet Choudhary gets first Covid vaccination shot

Mumbai,  Actor Gurmeet Choudhary on Saturday posted an Instagram picture getting his first shot of the Covid vaccine, and encouraged all to go for the preventive jab.

“#GotVaccinated Please don’t wait for any kind of “this or that” thoughts or news, vaccination is very important not only for you but for all your surroundings, this is one of the biggest way of how you can help #India is to get yourself vaccinated. It’s my humble request to all of you, please register and get yourself schedule at the nearest and available centres/hospitals. The slots may take time to appear but it will appear. #IndiaWillHeal #BetterTogether #IndiaTogether #covid19india,” he wrote alongside a picture of him getting his first shot.

His wife, actress Debina Bonnerjee had also posted a picture her getting vaccinated on Friday night. She wrote: “Never ever thought that me getting a vaccination would be “Post”worthy! Excitement and Mixed emotions all at once.. But it is what it is.. Utmost important in this time and situation that we are going through, this is the best that we can do for us and for the people around us. Let’s break the chain and go forward without any fear and get vaccinated don’t think “ki pehele yea log kar le fir hum karenege” or compare our vaccinations to others.. What is important is VERY IMPORTANT and this is how we can bring change, help India healing by getting ourselves vaccinated so please guys register yourself and get yourself vaccinated.”

Gurmeet recently announced he plans to open 1000-bed hospitals in Patna and Lucknow.

“Today Covid has hit, tomorrow there will be many more dreadful diseases which will require us to fight against them. We are starting from Lucknow and Patna as the main centres of this project as they are the epicentre of the nation and they connect to all the other states. Once those are formed, we will replicate the same in other states too. All the hospitals will be equipped with AI technology and will be under the guidance of specialists,” he says.

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