January 31, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Glamour India 2021 – Season 2 – Social Cause Event was organised with a huge uproar and celebrities were in huge numbers to support the acid attack surviors

The Glamour India 2021 season 2 unfolded with a raucous reception. It has a huge celebrity turnout and media was present in numbers. It is founded and directed by Mahir Karjkar, a visionary leader from the young generation who rose rapidly in the event and pageant industry and he produced it through his brand FourFox Production Private Limited. He has vision to put social cause and business together. It was a pageant with the theme designer walk to support acid attack victims across the country and to stop this in human activity in Association with NRK and LOC with the team Director Sharvari Gawande Mumbai Director Dr Yasmeen Shaikh And Association Partner Neeta Razdan kaul , Trupti Kati.. The chief guests were Dr. Kishor Navandar and Rohini kharse.The Show was Choreographed by Ravi Chavan R Friction Academy the models were Groomed by Meethali dhoot.The designer Dresses for all models wer being designed By Shweta Mudaliyar and Vyoma Gaur designer for Acid Attack victims

The celebrities who attended the event were Puneet Vasishtha, Payal Ghosh, Roshni Kapoor, Aditya Khurana, Malvi Malhotra , Sajni Shrivastava, Nikita Rawal, Dolphin Dubey, Veronica Vanij. The designer walk was judged by an esteemed jury member and the names included Dr. Sheela sharma, Jay Thakkar, Smita chawan, Kinjal Shah, Heena Shaikh, Aruna Nabh, Babita Obhan. It took place at the Kohinoor continental hotel and it concluded with all the big names coming together and pledging their support for the acid attack surviors.

It’s actually a shame that this inhumanness still exists among us even now. But these warriors who are fighting it out deserve a salute. It’s to us to stop this and we pledge our unconditional support. A huge shoutout to all the celebrities who came and gave their support. If we know any acid attack surviors, this has inspired us to stand for them and make a difference. Kuddos to the entire team of Glamour India 2021 and FourFox Production Private Limited for conducting this much needed event.

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