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Debina steps up to help fashion industry

Mumbai Actor Influencer Debina Bonnerjee unique initiative on social media aims to help everyone struggling in the fashion industry and beyond!

Debina promises to create and post content on brands on a Returnable and Non chargeable basis in order to help the fashion industry survive the pandemic

Actor Influencer Debina Bonnerjee has always been applauded for her path breaking content on social media. She has successfully cultivated an online space for herself, created her own digital family of people who follow her on a daily basis and await her content that ranges from healthcare to fashion to interior design to relationship advice and even mental health tips. Debina delivers yet another unique message via her social media wherein she reached out to ALL brands, big or small, Indian or otherwise to send her their products that she will then shoot in and promote on her Instagram with shoutouts and tags and then even return the merchandise back to the said brand so they do not have to suffer!

Taking to her social media, she posted a video stating that, “Times are not easy for everyone, including Fashion houses and brands. Fashion, fans and social media has made me the influencer that I am today. I urge everyone out there, to send me their products and I will do my very best, conduct my own shoots and showcase it on my social media and even return it back and this is on a non chargeable basis. It is time for all of us to unite and help and motivate each other in the best way we can.”

This unique initiative has not been conducted on social media so far and is sure to go a long way to help out fashion industry power through these trying times. More power to you Debina!

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