September 27, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Asim Riaz on Himanshi Khurana: We are lucky for each other

Mumbai, Asim Riaz fell in love with Himanshi Khurana while they were housemates on “Bigg Boss 13”. He says they are lucky for each other and recording a track together is a way to take their bond to the next level.

Does he like to call Himanshi his lucky charm? “You can call her anything, I don’t mind,” he replies blushing, while speaking . “We are lucky for each other. We both motivate each other and it is a nice feeling to have a partner to come up with something like ‘this is what is happening right now’ and she comes to me saying ‘this is what is happening right now’. It is a blessing,” he adds.

“Himanshi and I have shot four to five music videos and we have been killing 100 million-plus views,” Asim says, which probably pves way for their next plan of action.

“Right now, we are taking it to the next level by recording a track. Himanshi and I are coming up with a track where she sings and I rap. So, that is the next level for sure,” says Asim, who recently came out with his debut rap track “Back to start”.

“We guys are good. We are just focussing on our career and motivating each other and we are just being happy,” he sums up.

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