December 2, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

3 Easy Ways To Meditate Anytime And Anywhere

Health : Meditation is necessary for the peace of mind and body. Yoga and meditation could be an excellent way to avoid the increasing stress in our lives today. Through meditation, you can release all the stressful energies from your mind and body after a long day of work. Along with this, do you know that meditation is an easy way to detox the body? Apart from this, if you start your day by meditating, then you can spend your whole day in peace. But for all, the only challenge today is that no one has time to meditate. In such a situation, you can choose some tips to meditate anytime and anywhere. Let’s know about some easy tips to ponder like this.

How can you meditate while travelling?

If you do not have time and you are living a very stressful life, then try to meditate whenever and where you find the time. For this, you can also meditate in the metro, bus or train. Some people find meditation more comfortable when they stand upright. Therefore, lengthen your legs with shoulder width. Turn your heel slightly inward and your toes outward. Then bend your knees slightly and breathe. Place your hands on the stomach so that you can feel your rhythmic breaths. You can do this anywhere for a few minutes. This will make you feel at peace.

How to meditate while working?

Take a little time in the office (or working from home) and try to meditate. For this, you can choose a particular time, for instance, after lunch. At the same time, you will not have to get up from your chair for this work. What you have to do? Sit back on your feet in a chair. While sitting, take care that the knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. Must ensure that your neck and head are straightened with your spine. To support your lower back, you can keep a pillow behind you. Shut your eyes and allow the energies to flow by placing your hands on the hips. This kind of meditation can give peace to your mind.

Kneel and meditate

If you feel that you are in a place where you can kneel, then do it. This position is best when you keep your back perfectly straight. Keep your calves on the ground, bend your legs backwards at the knees. Ideally, you should not feel any pain and or discomfort from this situation. If you do it, try another pose, then it will help you to remain calm and focused on a successful meditation session.


Keep in mind that whichever posture you choose will inevitably define the process of meditation. Are you new to meditation? Then it is advisable to start with an asana that does not require too much effort. This should come naturally to you. Adopt the traditional meditation posture and meditate in the same position. In this way, you can embrace it even on holiday. This kind of meditation will help you to stay physically healthy, along with mental peace.

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