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We need to be very careful with “Rajkumar” Modi dig at Rahul Gandhi without taking his name.

Accusing the Congress of concocting “falsehoods” to gain power in Madhya Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the party has three chief ministerial aspirants and they were busy pulling each other down.

“The Congress has lost its ground in Madhya Pradesh. They don’t have any agenda for development. It seems, nothing is left for them to oppose us. They have no issues and in the lack of issues they are concocting falsehood.

“The development work by our government has frustrated them and that is why they are talking nonsense,” he said during his interaction with booth-level party workers of Hoshangabad in election-bound Madhya Pradesh.

The Prime Minister also interacted with booth-level workers of Chatra in Jharkhand, Pali in poll-bound Rajasthan, Gazipur in Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai North in Maharashtra through the NaMo App under the programme ‘Mera Booth, Sabse Mazboot’ (my booth strongest).

During his interaction with workers in Hoshangabad, a woman sought to know from the Prime Minister the ways to tackle the Congress’ “falsehood and misleading” election campaign in the state.

Responding to her, Modi said that the condition of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh is that “there are three Chief Minister candidates and all are busy in pulling down each other to become chief minister”.

“Around one dozen other leaders are there who are also aspiring for the post. They are silent but playing games for their turn, waiting if all the three fall. Where there are over a dozen candidates aspiring to become Chief Minister, what will they think about development. They neither have policy nor any intention. They are busy in making strategy based on falsehood. It’s our responsibility to expose them,” he said.

He said that for the sake of opposition the Congress sometimes brings Pakistan’s flyover and uses photographs of Bangladesh as its lacks an agenda to counter the BJP government.

“Sometimes there are fake news and sometimes there are misleading photographs. In fact, Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government has done so much of development work that the opposition can’t raise their finger at it. It has turned Madhya Pradesh from a “BIMARU state to Bemisal state” (from a sick state to an incomparable state),” the Prime Minister said.

During his interaction with party workers in Chatra, the Prime Minister also took a dig at Rahul Gandhi without taking his name.

As soon as one of the workers, while putting his question, took his name Rajkumar Sahu, the Prime Minister asked: Are you really a Rajkumar (Prince)? Nowadays, we need to be very careful with “Rajkumar”.

“I am not that Rajkumar born with a golden spoon,” replied Sahu which had the Prime Minister laughing.

Responding to another query of another party worker in Chatra, the Prime Minister highlighted how the BJP government in Jharkhand restarted long-pending infrastructure and welfare projects in the state.

Mentioning how the ‘Statue of Unity’ will spread Sardar Patel’s vision and his contribution to India’s unity to the future generations of the country, he lambasted the opposition for questioning the move.

The interaction concluded with a worker in Ghazipur who sought Modi’s guidance on the strategy for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“The BJP had achieved the most through the efforts of its hard working and devoted karyakartas and its strong organization,” he said.

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