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Strict restrictions to continue on all religious gatherings in Kashmir

Srinagar:Strict restrictions will continue on all religious gatherings and processions in the Kashmir Valley.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang K. Pole on Thursday said in a meeting that restrictions will continue on all religious processions and gatherings in all districts due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An official statement said that during the meeting Shia Anjumans extended their full support to the administration with an assurance that no procession or any other outside gathering will be held during these days.

The Divisional Commissioner sought the support from these religious bodies and urged them to sensitise people about avoiding all religious processions/gatherings in the wake of Covid-19.

He urged the heads of these bodies to use their influence and spread awareness about the importance of following Covid-19 related SOPs including social distancing protocols and use of face masks while commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and the other martyrs of Karbala during these days.

The Divisional Commissioner said that in the last few instances some anti-national elements tried to give a different direction to a purely religious matter, which has been viewed seriously and all such elements will be dealt with strictly under the law.

He appealed to the people to show their cooperation at this juncture as Covid-19 cases were rising in Kashmir and any carelessness can prove disastrous for the entire society.

During the meeting, the representatives raised various issues with the Divisional Commissioner and demanded a prompt resolution.

The Divisional Commissioner instructed all DCs and SSPs to cooperate and extend their support to people for hassle-free holding of majlis.

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