February 25, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Bikru case may be a part of police academy syllabus

Lucknow :  The Yogi Adityanath government is planning to include the much-publicised Bikru massacre in the syllabus of police academies in the state. The massacre carried out by gangster Vikas Dubey and his men on July 3 in Kanpur will be taught as a lesson for policemen along with some other important criminal cases. According to a senior police official, a committee set up to improve the training and syllabus of IPS and PPS officers has suggested that the Vikas Dubey case be included in the curriculum.

The committee has suggested that the new batches of IPS and PPS officers should be taught the nuances of policing so that they do not repeat the mistakes made in the past. “The raid on the house of Vikas Dubey has revealed certain weaknesses of the local police which led to the death of eight police personnel. The police should have been prepared before the raid and information should have been collected about the presence of men and arms at the gangster’s residence. In future, police officers need to learn from this incident,” the official said.

Even though, Vikas Dubey was running a criminal gang, based in the village, the local police did not have any information about this. The police official said that in view of this incident, there was a need to brace up the informer network. Another case that has been suggested for inclusion in the syllabus is the Jyoti murder case of 2014 in which a husband killed his wife for the sake of his girlfriend.

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