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48-hour transport strike cripples Bangladesh

A 48-hour nationwide strike in Bangladesh called by transport workers demanding amendments to the “Road Transport Act 2018” threw normal life out of gear across the country on Sunday.

No buses plied in capital Dhaka, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded, reports Xinhua news agency. However, rickshaws, autos and private cars were seen on the city roads.

On Saturday night, workers announced they would suspend transport operations for two days beginning from Sunday morning.

The Road Transport Act 2018 was passed last month with provisions for stringent punishment to traffic offenders.

The Act, which awaits presidential approval before it officially becomes a law, stipulates that traffic offenders will risk being sentenced up to five years or fined 500,000 Bangladeshi taka ($5,910) or both.

The country’s existing transport law entitled the maximum penalty of three years behind bars with the provision of bail.

The move comes in the wake of countrywide student protests after two students died and nine others were injured after they were run over by a bus in July.

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