December 2, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Women are told the way they look is more important : Keira Knightley

Los Angeles : Actress Kiera Knightley feels that women are told the way they look is more important than what they have to say or think.

“I read the script and I naturally totally agreed with the second-wave feminists (protesting) and yet I’ve made most of my money as a model (for Channel). I go on red carpets where you’re given marks out of 10 and you have cameras up and down your body. I think that’s the complexity of being a woman in the modern age,” Knightley said while speaking to Stellar magazine about her beauty pageant film, “Misbehaviour”.

Knightley said that modelling is a career where women make more than men.She added: “Still the No. 1 career in the world – the only one – where a woman can earn more than a man is modelling. Or prostitution. And that says everything it needs to say to young women. (It’s a big indicator) of the world we still live in, (it tells women) the way you look is more important than what you have to say or what you think.”Kiera is against objectification.

“I’m totally against this and this objectification is awful, and yet it will give me opportunity. I suddenly become visible in a world where I’m invisible, and that has merit and that has value, and I could have a better life afterwards. It’s what we’re all still grappling with,” she said.

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