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Tiffany Haddish wants an ‘eight-plex’, not engagement ring

Los Angeles : Actress Tiffany Haddish is happy in her two-year relationship with rapper Common and isn’t looking for anything “extra”, but if her beau does want to propose, she would prefer to be given an apartment than an engagement ring.

Haddish told Extra: “I’m happy where I am right now, I’m enjoying it. I’m not going to put nothing extra on it. If he wants to marry me, he can get me an apartment building.”

She jokingly added: “Give me a duplex, an eight-plex, or something! Homegirl will be, ‘What?! I thought you were engaged, where are your carats?’ Carats? Girl, please, I got units…This is going to be appreciated over time.”

“The ring might lose its value, but land, now that right there… I want a deed… that’s hot!”

The 41-year-old actress… also said that she doesn’t consider Common to be her “soul mate”, reports

Asked if they are soul mates, Haddish said: “I wouldn’t say all that… I don’t even know if that’s a real thing… I’ve been married and divorced.

The actress, who split from William Stewart in 2011 after three years of marriage, added: “I believe people are there at the right time they are there for you… Maybe there’s multiple soul mates.”

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