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Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ to come in four parts

Los Angeles: Filmmaker Zack Synder has revealed that his version of Justice League will be released in four parts. Synder’s cut of “Justice League” will be available in four separate one-hour installments on a streaming platform.

“We’ll find a way of bundling it all together at the end,” said the filmmaker at the DC Fandome virtual event. He also shared that he is working on a “distribution plan” to release the movie outside of the streaming service.

Snyder revealed the extended first look at the Snyder cut of “Justice League” during the DC FanDome virtual convention.

Snyder had to step away from the project before it was completed due to a family tragedy in 2017, with filmmaker Joss Whedon taking over the directing duties. Since then, many fans felt that Snyder’s vision was compromised, and came up with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign.

The now-released trailer reveals a redesigned Steppenwolf, and a shot of Darkseid, who Snyder is restoring as the film’s main villain, as per his original intention. The teaser came with a darker and more somber tone.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” Snyder said while talking about film, and added: “For us, one of the amazing parts is that we were able to interact with and be part of this fan community in an amazing way. It’s changed us and made us really grateful for being able to have this dialogue.”

Snyder also promised more Cyborg and Flash in his version. “You’re going to see something with Flash in this film that I don’t think you’ve ever seen before. He interacts with time and space, so you may see him do something timely,” Snyder teased.

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