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Sharon Stone: I thought I’d like to get older like a dancer

Hollywood star Sharon Stone says she always thought she would like to get older like a dancer as they age beautifully and have great posture.

Stone shared on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, which airs on Zee Cafe in India.

Actress Drew Barrymore asked Stone: “How do you look exactly the exact same just like an amazing woman?”

To which Stone replied: “Well, I think as we grow older, we have to negotiate with Mother Nature. When we’re young and we’re going crazy, we’re experimenting and we’re so curious. I think as we get older, we have to say that the boucharde is not great for growing older body.”

The 63-year-old actress added: “When I got to be 40, I thought, I am going to get older. So, how do I want to get older, and I thought I’d like to get older like a dancer. I always thought that the women who were dancers age so beautifully, and they had great posture.”

“I thought, I have to behave more like a dancer. I’m going to have to eat better. Hence I’m thoughtful about what I put in my body, and the way I treat it so that I get to keep it.”

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