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‘Shame on the producers for allowing this’

Britain’s Got Talent viewers SLAM vicar comedian for jokes about death amid COVID-19 pandemic

London:Britain’s Got Talent viewers were left unimpressed when contestant Allan Finnegan made jokes about death during Saturday night’s semi-final.
The Scouse vicar drew ire from fans on social media after many thought some of his jokes were insensitive in the wake of people losing their lives amid the Covid-19 outbreak.
Allan often uses his job in his act and began his routine by joking about forgetting the name of a deceased person while at their funeral.
He said: ‘I forgot to put the deceased’s name down on my notes, I think it’s Hilda but I can’t be sure, the next minute it feels like a game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
‘I’d have loved to have gone 50/50 or phone a friend – I am just glad it wasn’t Deal Or No Deal, I wasn’t going to open that box for no offer.’
He then made a joke about his only uncle passing away after he had picked his name in a family Secret Santa.
He said: ‘Just before Christmas my only uncle passed away, God rest his soul and well… I had him in the Secret Santa so every cloud, saved me 20 quid that did.’
Unimpressed viewers took to social media to react to his routine, with one writing: ‘Joking about death during a pandemic! Tasteless!’
Another said: ‘Don’t find joking about death funny and especially in the current time.’
Another viewer added: ‘#BGT awkward as hell and not at all funny, a “comedian” joking about death in the current pandemic where so many people have lost loved ones.
‘Very poor taste. Shame on the producers for allowing this @BGT’.

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