February 23, 2024

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Sam Smith on lockdown struggles

London : Singer Sam Smith has shared how frequently being on the road and barely spending time at home contributed to their lockdown struggles earlier this year.In the beginning of the pandemic, Sam had shared an Instagram photo of themselves going through the “stages of a quarantine meltdown”. This didn’t go down well with people. Many accused Sam of complaining despite them being more privileged than most. However, being at home for a long period was a big adjustment for the star, who has spent years performing around the world.

“Yeah, I found it hard, I’ve been travelling for eight years and I hadn’t been in my house for more than three weeks in eight years,” Sam said during their appearance on a show.

They explained: “I was living with my sister, and I’m still going to be with her in the next four weeks, and she helped me out and we buckled down and did fun stuff. But it’s a weird time.”The 28-year-old also revealed how they became increasingly anxious towards the end of 2019 as they are often uncomfortable performing in front of so many people on-stage.

“So it’s been good for me to have a break,” they said.

The singer released “Love Goes” last week and admitted it has been a “very weird” experience releasing an album during a pandemic but said: “It’s been wonderful all the same.”Sam Smith revealed a while back that they are non-binary in nature, and hence prefer being addressed in third-person plural rather than singular.

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