January 31, 2023

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Rebecca Ferguson talks about working with Hugh Jackman again

Rebecca Ferguson will be seen sharing screen space with Hollywood star Hugh Jackman again in the movie “Reminiscence” after “The Greatest Showman”. The actress talked about how she can be herself around him.

Talking about working with Jackman again, Ferguson quipped: “Yes, probably our last as well. There’s just so much I can take. It’s too much really.”

“The thespian that he is, I’m like, ‘Seriously, c’mon, stop singing your lines’. But for me, to be on the receiving end on the film where we had to deep dive into things that were hard and difficult, dark and sexy, and just feeling so wonderful to do with someone who you are safe with.”

The actress said that she “can do anything and I’m protected”.

“I can try things out. I can be ridiculous. I can humiliate myself and still be so embraced and for him, just holding space for me. And hopefully he feels the same about me,” added the 37-year-old.

Fergusson further added: “It’s just knowing that whoever’s on the receiving end will help you lift what you’re trying to do. And I think for me to be able to say that about someone, because I haven’t been able to say that about everyone… I guess you shouldn’t be able to say that about everyone, because we all have different relationships with all the people we work with.

“But to be able to know that whoever’s on the receiving end of what you do will not judge it but will actually capture it and throw it back and be very generous. It’s a game of tennis somehow, isn’t it?”

The film is about a private investigator of the mind, who navigates the darkly alluring world of the past by helping his clients access lost memories.

Ferguson also recalled her initial conversations with filmmaker Lisa Joy. The actress described it as “absolutely golden”.

She added: “I remember I had such bad cell phone reception in the house where I lived. And I had to stand on one little spot in the garden and it was fricking cold. And I remember just thinking, God, I’ve been out here for 45 minutes. How? Where did time go? I think for me, the way she described the cinematic view of the film that she wanted to do, how important the characters were, the changes, the subtleties.

“I love the environmental aspects that I don’t feel smart or eloquent enough to even describe when it comes to where the world is going to be in 10 or 15 years.”

The “Doctor Sleep” star said that she loved the idea of them being nocturnal.

“Just the fact that we believe that Miami is going to be underwater. I love the idea of us being nocturnal and the world just taking over. And the idea of the underworld figures who work night time would work daytimea Just the world we discussed, and then we lived it with her.”

Warner Bros Pictures is all set to release “Reminiscence” in select cities on August 27.

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