February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Mel Gibson fell in love with absurdity of ‘Fatman’

Los Angeles : Actor Mel Gibson says he was attracted to his new film for its absurd quality and underlying dark edges. The 64-year-old actor plays an unorthodox Santa Claus in his upcoming comedy film, “Fatman”. He says despite having a dark side, the story has a “warm beating heart”. “I was charmed by the script. It does have a dark side to it and an absurdity. It definitely travels into the absurd, but I think underlying all of it, it has a lot of good heart in it,” said Gibson.

“At the centre of it, it’s kind of got a warm beating heart, which is kind of nice. It just charmed me when I read it and it’s straightforward in its oddness and its simplicity,” the actor said. Gibson also shared that he enjoyed working with co-star Marianne Jean-Baptiste. He said that she helped keep the spirits high on the set by baking cookies for the cast. “She’s very warm and she imbued all the qualities of warmth and motherhood and love that Mrs Claus should have. And she was a good cook, she made cookies and so… I think it really worked great,” he said.

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