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Marianne Faithfull was upset to know that Bob Dylan tore poem he wrote on her

Los Angeles,  Singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull says she was upset when she got to know that Bob Dylan tore a poem that he wrote about her after she did not reciprocate to his advances. However, she says the two moved on from there and became friends.

“I first met Bob at the Savoy in 1965. There’s a clip of me and Joan Baez singing ‘As Tears Go By’ in the hotel room while Bob is hammering away on a typewriter. Later when I turned him down, he told me that it had been a poem about me, but he’d torn it up. I was so upset, but we got over that and have been friends for 56 years. I really like him,” she said, according to a report in

She has also spoken about her favourite Dylan song, “It’s all over now, baby blue”.

“I think ‘It’s all over now, baby blue’ is about those times in life where you just have to say, ‘okay, we tried, it didn’t work’, but it’s a much sleeker way of saying it. It’s very loving, but obviously it’s all over. I don’t really know why I love it so much but I’ve been in many situations where I would have liked to have time stop and have a band playing and sing that song to people. I’ve recorded it twice. The second time, I’d had more experiences and really felt it. I love the way his songs change octaves.”
she told The Guardian newspaper.

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