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Justin Bieber visits Kanye West in Wyoming

Singer Justin Bieber joined rapper and friend Kanye West at his ranch in Wyoming for some quality time together.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Kanye shared a photo of the two sitting in a chair while reviewing a prototype wall, reports .

Kanye wrote: “DD & JB discussing the new spray foam wall prototypes on the YZY campus.”

Kanye had earlier told GQ magazine: “This will be one of the Yeezy campuses and the Yeezy Campus will have the work that our architectural team has been working on….to create spaces to allow humans to maximize our potential, to take us out of the box.

“Literally and figuratively, we live in boxes. We leave the womb when we are born and get put directly into the tomb. We get put directly into our first square space which is the beginning of us going from being multi-dimensional and completely imaginative to placed onto a grid.

“Those boxes are those grids. First it starts off with the crib, then we go to schools where that’s a box, then we go to higher learning a lot of times and that’s a box and then we end up at a job where we are working inside of a box and we do that to try to buy a crib, actually, and then we, you know, have children and put our children in a crib,” he had said.

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