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John Cena: ‘Fast & Furious’ not senseless action for sake of action

New Delhi: WWE champion and Hollywood star John Cena is the latest addition to the “Fast & Furious” world. He admits being aware he is getting the opportunity to be a part of a legacy body of work, and adds that the franchise is not senseless action.

In the upcoming ninth instalment of the franchise, the 43-year-old star will be seen playing the character of Jacob Toretto, brother of actor Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto.

Talking about being the new addition to the family, Cena said: “I love the perspective of F9, of Dom (Dominic Toretto) having to face Jacob, his blood family. Someone that has been forgotten and long lost. I have to be equal to Dom or greater than Dom to be challenging, to let the viewer get to the edge of their seat and get knocked back in their chair.”

“But what I love about the franchise is that it is not senseless action for the sake of action. It will deliver,” Cena told select media globally., during the trailer launch.

Speaking about the upcoming installment he said: “Now we get to dive into the concept of, yes, we can choose who we love and we can choose who we are close to, and call them family, even if they don’t share our last name. We cannot run away from our past and choices.”

“Sooner or later, if we have any regrets, if we have any second thoughts and if we have any self-doubt we have to look into that glass and face it and that’s what I love about the power and gravity of this,” he said.

“This movie delivers on so many fronts, the trailer leaves so much meat on the bone and that’s what I am really excited about,” Cena add ed.

The wrestler-actor says he is aware that he is now a part of a film that has over 20 years of body work.

“I don’t lose sight of the perspective that I am getting the opportunity to be invited into a legacy body of work that is two decades long and these people have devoted their lives and put their physical health on line to maintain a reputation that goes along with these movies fans around the world not only enjoyed but expected,” Cena said.

He added: “So, I knew before going in that I would be sized up but I also am a super deep fan of the franchise and I love what the movie stands for.”

Cena called it a “life changing opportunity”.

“I don’t take that lightly and I didn’t take my investment in work lightly. I think it shows with all of us. I think everyone realised that I am in it for ‘Fast’. I really don’t lose sight of the opportunity I have been given. I don’t lose sight of the objective. The objectives to make ‘Fast’ a beast. I think we have all done that because collectively all have the same goal,” he said.

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