February 21, 2024

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Jessica Alba’s ‘really strange’ experience on Beverly Hills 90210 set

Los Angeles, Actress Jessica Alba recalls a bizarre experience from the time she shot as a guest star on a popular American show.

During “Beverly Hills 90210”, she was told not to make eye contact with the cast of popular teen drama!

“On the set of ‘90210’, I couldn’t even make eye contact with any of the cast members, which was really strange when you’re, like, trying to do a scene with them,” Alba said in an episode of “Hot Ones”, reports etonline.com.

“It was like, �You’re not allowed to make eye contact with any one of the cast members or you’ll be thrown off the set’,” she added.

In 1998, Alba was seen as pregnant teen Leanne in two episodes during the show’s eighth season. She shared the screen with Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth, among others.

The actress did not elaborate on who gave such a directive, and why.

“Beverly Hills 90210” was on air from 1990 to 2000.

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