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Jennifer Lopez reveals why she’s ‘super shy’ when she is off stage

Los Angeles : Hollywood star and singer Jennifer Lopez is “super shy” when she is off stage and shared that some might think she is “standoffish” when that is not really the case.

“I know people think that’s a crazy thing to say. I get super closed off… super friendly but also super shy. I think people read it like, ‘Oh, she’s like maybe standoffish or something like that’, but it’s not that,” Lopez told US TV show ‘Extra’.

The ‘Jenny From The Block’ hitmaker, who is now starring in the title role of ‘Atlas’ on Netflix, said that she is “worried” about the sudden rise of AI in real life as she discussed shooting some of the more intense scenes in the movie, reports

“I am. I’m worried about that. I think it’s a scary thing, and we have to kind of be careful about it and really think about where it’s going,” she said.

“I thought it would be me, by myself, do the takes, be so fast, don’t have to worry about anybody else not remembering their lines… First day, you’re falling through the planets. It’s all going crazy. Now, your leg’s broke…”

“It was so high-intensity every day, and without having another actor kind of to give you half the energy, it’s just all you. I was exhausted. I would leave the ‘Atlas’ set limping,” she added.

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