February 23, 2024

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It’s ‘impossible’ to remarry : Vinnie Jones

Los Angeles : Vinnie Jones has admitted it’s ‘impossible’ for him to marry again after his wife Tanya tragically passed away from cancer last year.

In an moving interview for Piers Morgan‘s Life Stories the ex-footballer, 55, said he’s had the ‘perfect one and done’ with his late wife, describing the prospect of finding love again as ‘the impossible question.’

Vinnie’s emotional discussion of Tanya’s passing left many viewers in tears, with others also praising the actor for speaking so candidly about his grief.

Tanya passed away in July 2019 after a six-year battle with cancer, leaving her family and Vinnie devastated. The couple had been married since 1994 and first met when they were just teenagers. During his interview with Piers, Vinnie recalled the heartbreaking moment his wife passed away, telling him: ‘They said to us maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe months. ‘I was on my knees howling, ‘You find yourself going to Forest Lawn cemetery to make arrangements before she passed. You think you’re in a horror dream, that is the only way to describe it.

‘I knew the pain was horrific, I knew it was time to stop and I begged the nurse to stop it.

‘All of a sudden she took her last breath and I felt all these butterflies leave her. You’re just not in real time… I felt all these butterflies, Tinkerbell, and she was free. Painless.’

When asked whether he could ever face marrying again, Vinnie admitted: ‘I think that’s a impossible question to answer but if you asked me if I would get married again that would be an impossibility, she wouldn’t want that.

‘There won’t be another marriage Piers I can tell you that. It was the perfect one and done for me.’

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