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‘It can be very, very dark’: Demi Lovato

The singer reveals she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts from the age of seven after admitting she spent ‘years chasing perfection’
Los Angeles: Demi Lovato has reflected on her struggles with depression and ‘very, very dark’ suicidal thoughts, after revealing she began had mental health battles at the age of seven.
The singer, 28, told Zane Lowe on Apple Music she spent years trying to ‘chase perfection’ before learning she had to accept that her life would be full of ups and downs.
Demi has spoken openly about her battles with mental health and her stints in rehab, and has been on the path to recovery after being hospitalised following a drug overdose in 2018.
Demi said: ‘I’ve dealt with depression and suicidal ideation since I was seven years old, and that’s something that I’ve been very vocal about. ‘I’ve talked about it for years. And so today, I don’t take it lightly. I easily could have been someone that wasn’t having this interview today. So, I’m grateful that I’ve had the support and the team around me to help me get through this time.
And what I just want everyone else to know is that I’ve been there and you can get past it too. It can be very, very dark, but we have to remember that we can’t seek permanent solutions for temporary problems, because life ebbs and flows.
‘And just as happiness can be fleeting, sadness as well. So, we have to hold onto that hope, and we have to just keep fighting and powering through.’

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