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I’m all about epiphanies: Gerard Butler

Actor Gerard Butler says he is all about insights, dreams and epiphanies.

The actor said he saw a dream about being at a naval base, which turned into a reality with his submarine thriller “Hunter Killer”.

“I actually had a dream. I’m all about insights, dreams, epiphanies and I had this dream that I was on a naval base, couldn’t quite tell whether I was making the movie or I was just living on a naval base but it was the most incredible dream that I felt so connected to everybody and when I woke up,” Butler said in a statement.

“It was the same thing, I had the same dream about being an actor when I was much younger, it was the same, when I woke up I went to the producer and said we must make this movie. I tell you it’s my destiny to make this film,” he added.

The film is adapted from Don Keith and George Wallace’s 2012 novel “Firing Point”. Butler plays a submarine captain on a mission to rescue the Russian president and avoid World War 3 by firing torpedoes at everything in sight.

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