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Demi Lovato recalls mind-blowing ‘alien encounter’

Los Angeles :  Singer Demi Lovato claims to have made contact with an alien on her 28th birthday.

Demi stars alongside her sister Dallas, and their sceptical best friend Matthew in the new Peacock series ‘Unidentified’ – which sees them visit a series of UFO hot spots.

The ‘Cool for the Summer’ hitmaker shared: “I had a pretty profound experience on my 28th birthday. I made (alien) contact, and it was a pretty mind-blowing experience. Ever since then, I started to look into this more and I wanted to do a show about it.”

Recalling the experience, they said they were stargazing and “tried to do the protocol where you make contact, and all of a sudden something showed up directly above us in the sky”.

“It was huge lights that made a question mark, almost, in the sky – and then it just like backed out. I realised (then) that my life was probably going to change in a spiritual way, because I have a spiritual connection to this journey as well,” Lovato said.

The singer who was reported to have three strokes and a heart attack after a drug overdose in 2018, said she wasn’t scared by the experience, sharing the encounter actually triggered “overwhelming joy”, reports

The chart-topping star told Entertainment Weekly: “You would think that I would be freaked out, but what I have found in these experiences is the love, and there’s no fear. The feeling that you get from these beings is so warm and loving and accepting that it’s just overwhelming joy that happens when you’re able to make contact.

“When I say make contact, I just mean intentionally try to meditate and try to manifest sightings. It’s not that I’m actually, like, shaking hands with these beings — although I would love that. I think these beings are extremely peaceful and loving and when they show up, you can absolutely feel that concept.”

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