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Chris Hemsworth spent his time at Met Gala taking selfies with other guests

Los Angeles : Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth spent his time inside the Met Gala taking selfies with the other guests as he co-chaired the event during his first appearance.

“My wife and I… we live in Australia. So any sort of big awards show, we haven’t become jaded because it’s still new and exciting. And this in particular, eclectic group of people, different than the normal crowd of, you know, film award shows we’ve been doing…sports people, musicians, artists, so we had a really fun night…it’s…heaps of selfies.

“Selfies everywhere. A lot of selfies on my phone. Like, ‘When did I take that? Let’s delete that one,” he shared with E! News, reports

The ‘Thor’ depicter was the co-chair for this year’s edition of the annual charity event, where he was hand-picked by head organiser and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

He talked about how she had jokingly brought up the fact that he wore flip-flops to a red carpet event at one of his first events in Hollywood several years ago.

“Anna called me. My agent said she was gonna call and I didn’t know much about the Met Gala, and she made a reference last night at the dinner about me wearing flip-flops to one of my first red carpets back in Australia,” he said.

“And the interesting thing was, that was actually me making an effort! This has taken a lot of work!”

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